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Barrie Savory

The Good Back Guide

Back pain is an unfortunately common occurrence in today's society. In The good back guide Barrie Savory explains how we have adopted a lifestyle which doesn't suit the structure of our bodies and shows that this often leads to some sort of back problem. Admit it you're probably hunched up in a chair at this moment - and the computer mouse is a major culprit in this area. But help is at hand. Savory describes a few simple exercises that can help to deal with back pain within your typical daily schedule.

The book isn't just a list of symptoms and what to do about them though. It looks at the anatomy of the back and at how our actions affect it, as well as at the back problems which are likely to affect us at various stages of our lives. For those who need more treatment there is a discussion of Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Physiotherapy. I' recommend this book to everyone, both to those people who are suffering from some sort of back pain, and those who want to know what to do to prevent such problems later on in life.