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Douglas Adams

The Salmon of Doubt

Before his untimely death in 2001, Douglas Adams had started writing a new Dirk Gently novel. The Salmon of Doubt contains the first few chapters of this novel.

Most of the book though is a collection of articles which Adams had written, brought together into one place. There are interviews for various publications, Adams telling of his problems with computers, his views on religion and so on. In fact all sorts of stuff, with plenty of that unique Adams style.

The book starts with an editor's note, followed by a prologue, then a foreword. That's a lot to work through before getting to the real stuff - which includes an introduction written by Adams for another book on why he hates writing introductions.

If you are a fan of Douglas Adams then of course you will want to read this book, but you should realise that the main part of it is the articles rather than the story. Adams delights in introducing several seemingly unconnected threads, and here they never have a chance to connect. If you're not a fan of Adams' fiction, you might still give this book a try as his style does result in some very amusing articles. info
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Product Description
On Friday, May 11, 2001, the world mourned the untimely passing of Douglas Adams, beloved creator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, dead of a heart attack at age forty-nine. Thankfully, in addition to a magnificent literary legacy—which includes seven novels and three co-authored works of nonfiction—Douglas left us something more. The book you are about to enjoy was rescued from his four computers, culled from an archive of chapters from his long-awaited novel-in-progress, as well as his short stories, speeches, articles, interviews, and letters.

In a way that none of his previous books could, The Salmon of Doubt provides the full, dazzling, laugh-out-loud experience of a journey through the galaxy as perceived by Douglas Adams. From a boy’s first love letter (to his favorite science fiction magazine) to the distinction of possessing a nose of heroic proportions; from climbing Kilimanjaro in a rhino costume to explaining why Americans can’t make a decent cup of tea; from lyrical tributes to the sublime pleasures found in music by Procol Harum, the Beatles, and Bach to the follies of his hopeless infatuation with technology; from fantastic, fictional forays into the private life of Genghis Khan to extended visits with Dirk Gently and Zaphod Beeblebrox: this is the vista from the elevated perch of one of the tallest, funniest, most brilliant, and most penetrating social critics and thinkers of our time.

Welcome to the wonderful mind of Douglas Adams.

From the Hardcover edition.