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Jan Cederquist

Meaningful coincidence

Have you ever have an experience that seems to be more than just coincidence? Maybe you've been thinking about a person, who then turns up in an unexpected place. In Meaningful coincidence: remarkable true stories of synchronicity and the search for answers Jan Cederquist tells of why he thinks there's soemthing behind such happenings.

There's the story of Jung, hearing about a patient's dream in which she recieved a golden scarab brooch - and at the same instant a golden scarab beetle flew up to his window. Cederquist has had lots of such experiences, for instance his piano which was too big for his house. Then he hears about the concert hall of a community he's visiting - excellent except for one thing - their piano is too small. When he's faced with a difficult problem, rather than worry overmuch, Cederquist believes that something will turn up to help - and it seems that it generally does.

Often in books like this the authors like to rewrite the laws of physics to explain their brand of paranormal occurrences. Cederquist succumbs to this temptation a bit, but not too much - most of the book is concerned with telling the reader about such happenings rather than. I was certainly left with the impression that there is often something at work which is more than just coincidence.  |  Chronon Critical Points  |  Recent Science Book Reviews