Join the club: how peer pressure can transform the world Tina Rosenberg shows just how strong peer pressure can be, but also how it can be used to guide people in a positive way.

The book is full of examples. Teenagers in the USA take up the fight against tobacco companies, and so naturally see smoking in a negative light. Low caste women in India have their lives and villages transformed by being trained as health workers. Then there's the story of Otpor, the revolutionary movement in Serbia which used hunour to battle against a dictator. The book also tells of the problems which can cause such movements to run out of steam.

I think that I would have preferred it if the book had stuck to one topic per chapter - as it is some topics take more than one, others don't seem to have the prominence they deserve. But that's a minor criticism - maybe it's just me. Overall I thought that the book was well worth reading, and useful in showing how to develop ideas which can really make a difference to the world."; include "amazinf.php"; ?>