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How to create a flawless universe

Some sciences are problematical in that you can't do experiments. Cosmology, evolution and so on - you can't just rerun the tape and see what happens. Or so everyone thought. But if you read 'How to create a flawless universe (in just eight days)' then you can indeed try these things out for yourself. This easy to follow book is full of useful notes from other universe creators, and has plenty of advice on how to avoid problems. From the big bang to the eighties, its all in here. Most important is the eighth day (p67 - 70) on how to keep everyone happy, achieve eternal youth and many other things - well maybe.

All in all 'How to create a flawless universe' is a highly amusing book describing the creation of the universe in the style of a highly pictorial how-to manual, with warning symbols, helplines and most importantly its full of scribbled notes. My one minor criticism would be that I did feel that the bits on plants, animals and people started to get a bit samey - make a shape out of some stuff then colour it in. I felt a bit of real biology might have helped here, just as the bits on stars, planets and galaxies benefited from being a mix of Genesis and current cosmological ories.  |  Chronon Critical Points  |  Recent Science Book Reviews