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Scott Adams

God's Debris

Scott Adams is known worldwide for his Dilbert cartoons. In 'God's Debris' his is taking a different tack - the book is philosophical rather than humorous. A delivery man delivers a package to an old man, and in the process gets into a conversation - a conversation which reveals the secrets of life, the universe and everything (to quote a different Adams), and in particular the nature of God. I found the book was interesting and easy to read and so an excellent way of whiling away the odd hour or two. What I couldn't quite see was why it should be considered as a deep, life-changing book as the reviews on the back cover suggested

Maybe if you haven't read any other philosophy, theology or science books then this will be a highly thought provoking book. But people have been thinking about these issues for millennia, and I don't really see that much significance can be given to one person making up a lot of stuff without reference to earlier work.

Adams says that the book shouldn't be read by under 14's. Well, the book does have a lot of socratic style argument - showing that people don't really know what they're talking about - and Socrates was sentenced to death for corrupting the youth of Athens (I can't say I'm really surprised - it's a very annoying style of argument). I guess that Adams wants to avoid a similar fate.

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