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Alan Axelrod

Elizabeth I CEO

When Queen Elizabeth 1st came to the throne of England, the country was in a sorry state, but her reign is now remembered as one of the golden ages of English history. In Elizabeth I CEO Alan Axelrod looks at her success in terms of running a business, and examines what lessons her reign might have for leaders of today. But the book isn't just for CEO's. It's an entertaining read, and will benefit anyone with even the smallest leadership role, as well as those who just want to look at history in a different light.

Elizabeth had many problems to deal with. Her path to leadership was not simple - while her half sister Mary Tudor was on the throne, Elizabeth was kept in prison, and one wrong move would have resulted in her death. When she came to the throne she had to deal with the power of Spain, which she managed to keep at bay until the time was right for a battle on her terms - the defeat of the Spanish Armada. At home there was a plenty of religious unrest, which she managed to quell without making too many enemies. And she managed a financial turnaround, changing a country with an empty treasury into one which could invest in education and the arts.

Product Description
Few leadership titles have been written on the lives of women. Alan Axelrod, noted historian and business management expert, reveals how Elizabeth I overcame daunting obstacles to win intense loyalty and lead England to greatness.

The queen's long reign offers lessons on: developing a leadership attitude and image enhanced by personal dynamism; becoming an effective coach and mentor skilled at nurturing creativity; manipulating others--subtly and ethically--and knowing and anticipating the "enemy."

How did Elizabeth meet the challenges that faced her, managing not only to stay alive and keep her imperiled nation afloat, but also to win the intense loyalty of her people and lead England to greatness? Historians and biographers have offered many explanations. Elizabeth I, CEO takes a fresh view, exploring issues that are relevant to leaders--especially business leaders--of today.