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Trying to let the world know about your product or service can be a difficult business, with advertisers needing to put in more and more effort to get their message across. What if you could get your customers to transmit your message for you? In Buzz: Real-life Lessons in Word-of-mouth Marketing, Emanuel Rosen talks about how this can be achieved.

The book is an update of the earlier book The Anatomy of Buzz. Rosen gives lots of useful advice, including how to identify the hubs - that is the most influential people - in your market, and on using the internet to communicate more directly with your customers. I did think that he was sometimes a bit too upbeat, as the message I got from the book was that, in the end, there is no way to guarantee Buzz. Sometimes you get it by luck, ssmetimes a lot of resources goes into it - contacting thousands of people, who then need an incentive to try your product, so it begins to look more like traditional marketing. The strong point of the book is really its plethora of real-life examples. Maybe one of them will suggest to you a way of generating Buzz, and in any case they will provide you with an entertaining read. info
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Product Description

A new edition of the definitive handbook on word-of-mouth marketing, completely revised and updated for today’s online world

With two-thirds new material and scores of current examples from today’s most successful companies, The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited takes readers inside the world of word-of-mouth marketing and explains how and why it works.

Based on over one hundred new interviews with thought leaders, marketing executives, researchers, and consumers, The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited shows how to:

* Generate genuine buzz both online and off.

* Encourage people to talk about your products and services—and help spread the word among their friends, colleagues, and communities.

* Adapt traditional word-of-mouth strategies in today’s era of Facebook, YouTube, and consumer-generated media.

Smart, surprising, and filled with cutting-edge strategies and insights, The Anatomy of Buzz Revisited is essential for anyone who wants to get attention for a product, message, or idea in today’s message-cluttered world.