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Steve Anzovin and Raf Anzovin

3D Toons

The state of 3D animation has advanced so much recently that it is used in part or in total for many of the films made nowadays. Not only that, but computer hardware is advancing so fast that such animation begins to look possible to the amateur filmmaker. This book is aimed at that market. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to know exactly waht it is trying to do. It isn't a 'how-to' book which would teach people the basics of 3D animation. It doesn't look at the well known filmmakers such as Pixar. Rather it's a showcase for the works of some lesser known animators.

The trouble is that the book isn't laid out like that. If it had started with the gallery of the work of the different animators, and then gone on to show how each of them had solved the problems of different aspects of 3D animation then it would be a valuable resource to those who were looking to extend their talents. As it is it seems that the authors aren't being upfront about the fact that this is showcasing work (including their own), and the gallery only comes at the end. Also I found that the layout was sometimes poor, with the text difficult to read - it seemed like you were just meant to look at the pictures. That said, as I got further into the book and decided what it was trying to do, I felt that it might be useful to those who had learnt the basics of animation and were looking to develop their skills further  |  Chronon Critical Points  |  Recent Science Book Reviews